TiviMate Premium APK 4.6.0

Download fully unlocked version of TiviMate Premium APK v4.6.0 for Android devices which is completely free and ready to use. Enjoy all the premium and MOD features of this IPTV Player without spending a single penny. Enjoy features like video track selection, add groups, TV channels for Xtream Codes, switching timeout and more.

List of Feature:

  • Possibility to select a video track
  • Possibility to hide newly added groups
  • Possibility to exclude TV channels for Xtream Codes and Stalker portals
  • “Full screen switching timeout” setting for the preview mode
  • Fixes and improvements

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TiviMate Premium MOD APK has been around for quite some time, becoming one of the finest and highest quality IPTV apps available, with a lots of free and premium features. It stands out as one of the top apps in its category because it offers all the benefits of the Live Channels app, minus the Google Assistant integration, and without any restrictions.