Tivimate Companion iPhone [iOS, MacBook, Apple]

Looking for a seamless way to manage your TiviMate Premium IPTV experience? Meet Tivimate Companion App, the dedicated sidekick that’s designed to simplify your life. This app is a must-have if you’re planning to go premium with TiviMate (TiviMate Premium Account), as it handles all things related to TiviMate Lifetime Subscription. Whether it’s a yearly commitment or you’re diving into a lifetime of uninterrupted streaming, TiviMate Companion iPhone has got you covered. So, ready to make your IPTV experience more manageable and efficient? Read on to find out how TiviMate Companion can be your game-changer.

TiviMate Companion IPTV Player

If you’re a TiviMate IPTV fan and find yourself using devices that don’t support Google Play, you’re in for a treat. TiviMate Companion iPhone or Tivimate for iOS is the go-to app that lets you unlock all those premium IPTV features you love, no Google Play needed. But wait, there’s more!

The app also gives you full control over your activated devices. So not only do you get to elevate your streaming game, but you also get to manage your devices like a pro. Intrigued? Stick around as we delve into how TiviMate Companion is a game-changer in your streaming experience. You should also read How to Pay for TiviMate Premium Account?

Tivimate Companion iPhone iOS

Tivimate Companion iPhone Apple

So, you’re loving TiviMate on your Android device and now you’re itching to get that same premium experience on your iPhone or iPad? Let’s make that happen! Here’s the catch, though: TiviMate Companion is primarily an Android app. But don’t sweat it, you can still work around this to enjoy it on your iOS device.

  1. First, grab your iOS gadget and head over to the App Store. Tap on the magnifying glass to start your search and type in “TiviMate Companion.”
  2. Spotted it? Great! Hit that “Get” button, and you’re off to the races. The app will automatically download and install. Also checkout TiviMate Clear Cache & How to fix TiviMate EPG Issue.
  3. Okay, you’ve installed it. What now? Open the TiviMate Companion app on your iOS device. The app will guide you through the setup. Follow those prompts carefully.

But hold on, there’s a critical piece of info you should know. To make the most of Tivimate Companion iPhone on iOS, you’ll also need an Android device with TiviMate already installed. That’s because the Companion app syncs up with the Android version to unlock all those stellar features. So, ensure that you’ve got TiviMate up and running on your Android device to truly get the ball rolling.

And there you have it! You’re now set up to manage your TiviMate streaming paradise, both on Android and iOS.

TiviMate Companion APK

So, you’re already a fan of TiviMate by Armobsoft FZE and want to level up your streaming game? That’s where the TiviMate Premium APK comes in. But hey, let’s clear up some confusion. If you’re thinking of the TiviMate Companion app, know that it’s mainly there to unlock premium features on devices without Google Play.

On the other hand, the TiviMate Premium APK is the real deal for an enhanced streaming experience. It lets you explore top-tier features like advanced channel lists, EPG guides, and even record live TV. Imagine having a personalized streaming universe right at your fingertips. Now stop imagining, and go get that APK to make it a reality!

Features of TiviMate Companion iPhone

Ah, you want to dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes TiviMate so great? Let’s talk features. First off, the user interface. It’s sleek, intuitive, and designed for big screens. Think of it as the Netflix of IPTV—easy to navigate and visually pleasing. Got multiple Tivimate Playlist? No worries. TiviMate supports that too, so you can switch between your favorite channels with ease. Also checkout Tivimate Best Settings guide.

But here’s where it gets really exciting: the Scheduled TV guide update. You’re no longer stuck wondering what’s on next; the guide updates automatically to keep you in the loop. And yes, you can totally mark channels as favorites. It’s like having a VIP list but for TV channels.

Catch-up is another lifesaver. Missed your favorite show? No problem, just go back and watch it. Then there’s the search feature; no more endless scrolling to find that one channel. Type it in, and voila!

Feeling techy? The Auto Frame Rate adjusts the video to your device, making your viewing that much smoother. Customizable Panels allow you to tailor the interface to your liking. Manage your favorites efficiently with Favorites Management, watch multiple channels at once with Multi-View, or even do a Picture in Picture if you’re multitasking.


What is TiviMate Companion?

TiviMate Companion is an app designed to unlock the Premium features of the TiviMate IPTV player for devices without Google Play. It’s not an IPTV player itself; rather, it enhances the main TiviMate app.

Is TiviMate Companion Available for iOS?

No, TiviMate Companion is primarily an Android app. You’ll need an Android device with the TiviMate app installed to use it.

How Do I Install TiviMate Companion?

You can download it from Google Play, or if your device doesn’t have Google Play, you can get it from other APK providers. Once downloaded, follow the in-app instructions.

Does it Support Multiple Devices?

Yes, with TiviMate Companion, you can manage your activated devices, making it easier to switch between gadgets as needed.

What is the Cost of Using TiviMate Companion?

The app itself is free to download, but its main function is to enable you to purchase and manage TiviMate Premium subscriptions.

Can I Use TiviMate Companion for Parental Controls?

While TiviMate Companion doesn’t offer parental control settings, the main TiviMate app does have this feature.

What are the Benefits of Using TiviMate Companion?

The main benefit is unlocking TiviMate’s Premium features. This is especially useful if your primary device doesn’t have access to Google Play, as it offers an alternative way to upgrade.

Final Thoughts

In summary, TiviMate Companion iPhone is your go-to app for unlocking the premium features of TiviMate iOS IPTV on devices without Google Play. With its easy device management, it perfectly complements your TiviMate experience. And installing it on iOS? A breeze, especially if you follow the steps outlined in this article. So why wait? Get TiviMate Companion now and elevate your streaming game to the next level. Trust me, it’s a game-changer in the world of IPTV.

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